Monday, 16 May 2011

Chromebook introduction video

Finally I'm able to log in again!
Google unveiled their Chromebook last week. Let's skip the entire cloud-based-computing argument and go straight to promotion. Google is known for their tutorial or introductory videos, but this is something I would not expect even from the search-giant. In a perfect mix of beautiful typography, illustration and motion, Google introduces us to it's new concept of personal computer. No matter if you're sold on the idea or not, the video will impress you.


  1. looks great! how does it run?

  2. The video is really nice. But I'll never use a cloud computing based OS

  3. This is amazing but I don't think internet speeds are fast enough if someone wanted to, say, edit a video.

    Still really cool for other things.

  4. The video is amazing. I saw it on YT before.

    Nice post, btw.