Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Cement Factory by Ricardo Bofill

There is something special about old adapted building. Big concrete surfaces and usually overall industrial look make them appear like something taken out of the context but the best part is the amount of free space which can be turned into anything the interior designer wants. Lofts are somewhat a sandbox of interior design where no idea is too bold.
In 1973 Ricardo Bofill decided to turn and old Cement Factory into an amazing coplex of architectural offices, archives, model laboratory, exhibition space and finally Bofill's-apartment along with guest rooms. The project was completed in 2 years and it's result was an amazing architectural and interior design work:


  1. first, beautiful photography, second, beautiful environment.

  2. That place looks amazing, so beautiful. Lovely photography as well.

  3. I love http://i.imgur.com/bnLEO.jpg

    it's gorgeous!! :)

    kinda like home inspiration lol

  4. Second pic looks amazing. Those big metal cones add that industrial feel to that office.

  5. Wow hell. This is awesome. What a nice light true those big glass windows. I like it much.