Thursday, 28 April 2011

Blackstone Camera Bag

Returning after technical issues (machines will rule as someday, I tell you)

If You're a photographer You probably know how big of an issue is carrying all of Your equipment. Camera bags are huge, and that's mainly because of the amount of stuff You need to fit inside. And if You ever had one of them on your arm you probably got slapped in the face while bending over to tie your shoe. All in all - as much as they are practical they are not the most comfortable storage option out there. That's why I like a new proposition by Blackstone Bags. You get a strong, compact storage that can fit your camera and two additional lenses (that's 3 lenses total!) and while doing so it rests on Your bag. I like the tight fit which assures that it's not gonna slide on the sides and allows for using Your hands for shooting.

In addition it provides space for your tripod on the sides and some storage for all those little gadgets You always carry around.

Check out more pics and peorder at: Blackstone Bags


  1. nice, I would like to get one, but I need a decent camera to put in it first ( I dont think my sony bloggie counts)

  2. Looks awesome and very convenient.